The more I seek the heart of God, the more I begin to feel his indescribable love for me even in my imperfections. Because of this, I’ve seen glimpses of a freedom I haven’t known before. This is still a long, hard journey. There is so much left to learn ans still so much to surrender, but in every step, forward or backward, God has been faithful.

This blog came from a number of revelations and insights from God over the course of a few months. During a  season that forced me to be honest with myself and entirely raw with God about my emotions. The writings began mostly as brief notes that didn’t look like much other than quickly jotting down thoughts and prayers. I had no idea what to do with any of them until God tugged on my heart about writing them out with more completeness and allowing others to be a part of my journey. So after some time, I finally decided to dig deeper into each of my earlier thoughts and bring them one by one to HisHeartMyFreedom.

I hope that you can find at least one thing on this page that will speak life into your circumstance and shine the light of Jesus into places void of love.

As the overwhelming love that flows like a raging river from the Father’s heart takes over mine…I find my freedom. I pray that you will find yours too.