Some of my most treasured moments with God have been in the simplicity of peaceful silence with him. There’s something uniquely special about the fact that he loves us so much he gives us the freedom to rest in him without working for something in that moment. Nothing more, nothing less.

When I first found myself enjoying the presence of God above anything else in such an organic way, a confusing thought would creep in.

I wondered if by “doing nothing” I wasn’t being as spiritually “productive” as I should be. I wondered if by embracing this priceless moment of allowing him to just love on me, and me love him back, I was somehow wasting time that was supposed to be spent on “greater things”.

I felt selfish because I thought that maybe by just sitting there, I was missing out on opportunities to produce fruit for God’s kingdom…. Aren’t there people out there who are dying, countries in serious threat, and hearts that are breaking? What am I doing enjoying this as much as I am, while others are suffering and I could be interceding for them?

Through these questions, I realized something I don’t think I ever truly understood until recently: He first desires that we fall deeply in love with his companionship. This comes before what we need to accomplish. More than anything, he wants our heart. 

He desires that, in both the high and low seasons, we discover what is feels like when HIS PRESENCE IS ENOUGH.

He wants us to experience the healing that emerges in his presence. This intimacy is the very substance that fills us and equips us to accomplish what he’s called us to do. He wants us to hear his voice louder and know that we too are enough.  

Have you ever felt like all you really wanted was recognition from someone that meant a lot to you?

How different would it be if we all learned to find complete joy and satisfaction in the time we spend with our Father…If we knew the value of our relationship with him FIRST. How different would it be if we really understood what we mean to him before running to other lovers to complete us.

You see, God’s perfect presence knows exactly how to fill the empty places within us in ways that we aren’t designed to do on our own.

While this doesn’t excuse us to neglect the need and desire for daily devotion, it is so important that we accept the reality that sometimes our Father just wants us to be with him. We may not fully understand it, but the power of God’s presence transcends beyond anything we could ever accomplish on our own time or with our human hands. The reward we receive for this time with him is a stronger relationship with his precious Spirit. As his spirit consumes more of our being, we create a FAR GREATER impact in his kingdom.

We need to embrace our time with him and allow it to be spent the way the Spirit leads you. Relax and find peace in his presence. Let him first equip us for what is to come by establishing our identity in him.

Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10